Meet The Designers

Designer Pic

Le MaLi is a Los Angeles-based womenswear brand founded by Taraslith and Marlene Herrera in 2011 while they were in college. The twin designers were first exposed to the production side of the apparel industry through their parents at a very young age, but did not stumble upon fashion design until their third year at Cal State Long Beach. Having no idea of what to expect, the duo enrolled into their first apparel production course and never looked back. Their small curiosity in the fashion industry quickly blossomed; prompting their decision to change their studies to fashion design and merchandising.

Le MaLi is a representation of the pair’s complementary design aesthetics. “Ma” is taken from Marlene’s name and “Li” is taken from Taraslith’s. Designed for the sexy and confident jet-setters, the Herrera sisters aim to create elegant, high-end pieces for all body-types. Their inspiration is drawn from old Hollywood with an emphasis on shape and embellished details.

The Herrera sisters have gained recognition for their wild imaginations, detailed craftsmanship, and technical skills both as a duo as well as individual designers. In 2012, their evening gown design was one of the six finalists in the Queen Mary’s Legacy of a Princess Competition. The sisters also showcased their individual senior collections at the 25th Anniversary Campus Couture Fashion Show. There, both were awarded Best Computerized Apparel Design and Marlene was awarded Best Knitwear Design. Both were chosen by Mikey Koffman — creator of LA Fashion Week — to showcase their collections at 2013’s LA Fashion Week. Taraslith was one of the three LA Fashion Week Competition runner-ups and Marlene was one of the two LA Fashion Week Competition winners for Best Collection.

Since graduating with degrees in Textiles & Clothing and Fashion Merchandising in 2013, the design duo has been busy designing their latest collection and one-of-a-kind pieces. Witty twists on glamour and elegance along with intricate workmanship has enabled Taraslith and Marlene to build their names to great recognition for their brand, Le MaLi.